Free Water Heater

If you're waiting too long for hot water, or even worse, you're running out of hot water too soon, a natural gas water heater is the right choice for you. Whether you're bathing or washing dishes, you want hot water fast and plenty of it. Gas flames provide instant heat, which means a gas water heater heats more water per hour than an electric water heater. Today's gas water heaters are more efficient than ever, using 35 percent less gas than older models and saves up to 30% on your power bill. That's a significant savings when you consider that water heating is the second largest energy user in the home. So enjoy relaxing hot showers with a natural gas water heater!

We will give you a 40 gal water heater when switching from electric or propane to natural gas. Call one of our CMC Gas Locations and schedule an appointment to have one of our service technicians come to your house to perform an inspection and make recommendations about venting and installation. When feasible we will install the water heater without a labor charge; the customer is responsible for materials only. 

New Service Line Requests

If you currently do not have gas service at your residence and are interested in applying for natural gas, please contact a customer service representative at one of our CMC Gas locations to have a service technician come out to see if running a gas line is possible. For qualifying services, we will run up to 500 feet of service line at no cost.


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