Natural Gas

Natural gas is one of the most useful sources of all available energy.


Natural gas is the cleanest-burning of all fossil fuel and can be used in residential, commercial and industrial applications to provide the needed energy while reducing emissions. Natural gas is simply the best energy choice for a cleaner tomorrow.


In most areas natural gas cost is less than electricity or propane.


Natural gas has a limited range of flammability, and is lighter than and will rise and disperse the atmosphere if leakage occurs, providing less of an opportunity for ignition.


Our nation has enough natural gas to power America for generations to come. Because of advances in technology there has been discoveries and development of abundant supplies of natural gas within shale formations across the U.S. and Canada. America is the world's largest producer of clean energy resources.


Natural gas is there when you need it and is accessed through well-established networks of underground pipelines which transport natural gas safely and reliably into homes and businesses, power plants and other industries.


Natural Gas appliances allow you to cook, heat water for warm showers, provide accent lighting, and warm your home even during power outages.


Natural gas can be used for residential cooking, water heating, clothes drying, home heating, grilling and accent lighting. This same energy is used to generate electricity, produce steam, used as feedstock in chemical processes, power vehicles such as city buses, garbage trucks and even heavy duty equipment. And many people just prefer the warmth of natural gas heat over that of electric heat.